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Bausch Watch Towers Efficient, Modular Lifeguard Stations

Highly durable Bausch Watch Towers and tower components are built from marine grade aluminum and composite materials. All of our products are modular in design for logistics and can be assembled on site prior to installation. We specialize in marine fabrication, offering the only modular-constructed lifeguard towers in the United States. Fully-customizable, we can build professional and highly durable lifeguard shelters to meet your community’s unique conditions while incorporating creative, original ideas!

Watch towers are fully customizable:

  • Towers come in three standard sizes and a variety of base heights.
  • Additional features include first-floor storage, board racks, and custom chairs.
  • Designed for easier shipping and on-site set-up by our professional fabricators.
  • A wide variety of artistic customizations are available for any tower, including themed designs, color powder-coating, and incorporation of your community or company logo.
  • Built from aluminum and composite materials, Bausch Watch towers are designed for durability practical use in the marine environment.


We serve municipalities, private associations and private businesses. Our scope is not limited, however. Some products may be suitable for marinas and residential needs such as ladders, gangways, stairs and railings. Call today and find out what we can build for you.

Modular Design

Our lifeguard tower products are modular in design which means they can be broken down for shipping and reassembled on site. This element increases efficiency and product service life. Damaged or worn parts can be replaced or broken down and repaired as opposed to purchasing an entire new tower.


Our “flagship” tower, this model is designed for dual occupation or for use as a control tower. The Zero comes standard with a 6 foot elevated platform and 49 square foot shelter space with room for two chairs and equipment. Deck will accommodate comfortable outdoor seating.

Options List:

  • Full, ground-level storage with powder-coated, perforated aluminum panels and a 48’’ lockable “barn door”
  • Additional skids per customer specification; 10 and 12 inch width options available.
  • Door windows with security panels
  • Additional, interior storage cabinets, shelving, and wall hooks for hanging equipment
  • Additional flag receivers
  • Board racks
  • Board boxes
  • Swivel, pedestal-style seating
  • Cup holders
  • Powder-coated rails with various colors available
  • Custom fabrication options per customer request
  • Solar Power System available per customers specs
  • 12” x 18” ventilation hatches for the side walls
  • Swinging Entry Gates
  • Peaked Roof
  • Signage


  • Modular aluminum construction is powder-coated white. A protective, ceramic coating is applied to the exterior for excellent durability in the marine environment.
  • 12 x 12 platform composed of cellular, PVC decking material (available in several color options)
  • 3, 15 degree windows are approximately 36’’ tall to offer 50 square feet of viewing area. Windows are tint in tempered glass and available with folding, lockable shutters.
  • 4 lifting hooks on each corner of shelter structure
  • 2, 30’’ doors for entry on either side (no windows) with stainless hardware
  • Front Access low angle aluminum stairs with knurled treads and anodized aluminum railings.
  • 36’’ x 15’’ Front vent/seat combination
  • 36’’ aft, locking wall vent
  • Sits on two 12” wide heavy duty aluminum skids
  • Interior, front-facing composite counter top (may be configured to mount base radio)
  • Three piece interlocking roof system with 3”of insulation skinned with white aluminum panels and finished with a white fascia.
  • Tower flag receiver (mounted per customer specifications)
  • Anodized aluminum railing is 39’’ tall around platform and stairs

Artistic Customization is also Available

We are delighted to work closely with you to help you develop unique designs to include your logos, artwork, or other creative specifications. A range of colorful and artistic designs is possible in addition to the options above. Our original sketches are also available to help you find a creative, functional, and durable lifeguard tower. Please contact us to schedule an appointment to consult with a specialist.


Our deck structure is constructed of marine grade aluminum with embossed composite decking for the walking surface. The shelter is constructed of marine grade tongue and groove aluminum extrusion which provides an air space which will help insulate the structure. The shelter is powder coated with a marine grade off white powder inside and out and then protected with a ceramic coating on the exterior. The five foot tall platform and shelter are supported by a sturdy marine grade anodized aluminum base structure. The tower sits on 8” wide aluminum skids that include towing eyes for dragging on the beach. The LR Tower is accessed by removable low angle stairs with anodized aluminum railings.

The following explains some features of our LR series Watch Tower:

There is excellent ventilation with a 30” wide door and large hatches on the front, side, and rear walls. The front hatch can also doubles as a place to sit on the front deck. The ¼” spacing between the deck boards allows for an updraft plus prevents water and sand accumulation. The composite decking will not rot or get soft and will not require much maintenance.

All railings are constructed of anodized aluminum marine grade schedule 40 pipe which is very corrosion resistant and has a brushed finish. Flag pole holder included.

The windows are impact glass with gray tint in the glass. The 3 main windows are high quality 36” tall aluminum framed with a minimal blind spot in the front corners. The 30” aluminum door has an impact glass window; this includes stainless steel handles, a hole for a deadbolt, and optional exterior aluminum panel to cover the window for security.

Custom modifications are possible as we are very receptive to incorporating your ideas and making changes to fit your needs.

The warranty on the structure and base is 15 years with a 1 year warranty on the powder coating, doors, and windows.

We offer other options for the tower including upper and lower shelving, cabinets, and stair gates to name a few. We can provide an options list with pricing upon request.

The walls of the shelter slope outward at 10 degrees from the floor up, making the shelter more spacious. The shelter has 16 square feet of floor space. The shelter comes standard with a counter along the front window. Four stainless steel lifting eyes at roof make it easily picked up by a crane.

A two piece interlocking roof system with 3” of insulation skinned with white aluminum panels and finished with a white fascia. The roof slopes back at 3 degrees to allow for water runoff.

The three shutters are made using aluminum square tube and skinned over with aluminum sheet then powder coated, they are not heavy but strong. The shutters are supported by anodized aluminum supports to the railing and secured by pins that are easily operated by one person. The shutters are easily secured from the interior using pull pins when the tower is closed down.

We use all stainless steel hardware, fasteners, hinges, and latches. We understand the harsh marine environment and source the best hardware available.

The price does not include delivery to your location, or the crane or large forklift is required to affix the platform and shelter on top of the base structure at a staging area near the towers final destination.


Our newest model built was designed for Stuart Beach in Martin County, Florida. The Stuart Stand is a one person tower featuring a unique design which offers portability, comfort, and durability. The Stuart Stand is fabricated using high quality marine grade aluminum extrusions then is powder coated inside and out, then treated with a clear ceramic protective coating for added protection on the exterior. Features include a large doorway and opposite opening window plus two hatches for excellent ventilation. The caped cellular PVC decking boards are spaced apart for added ventilation and will never rot or require maintenance. The windows are a tough ¼” thick tinted lexan to help reduce glare and keep the tower secure.

The base model includes an aluminum base structure supporting a 4’ high platform. Our shelter has a footprint of 47” by 53” at the floor. The ladder and railing are built of anodized aluminum and are standard for the tower. Custom designs, colors, and options are available. We are very open to customizing to fit your needs, just ask. Our shelters are modular to allow for reasonable shipping and easy to assemble on site.


The Rescue-T is the newest Watch Tower in our product line. The design is based on a boat T-top and is portable and easily moved to your desired location. It is an affordable option for your life-saving needs. The Rescue-T is fabricated using high quality anodized aluminum materials and features a composite planked standing platform.
Please contact us for pricing and questions.


  • 9’6” overall height with the standing platform measuring 3’ off the ground
  • 5’ x 5’ shade structure covered with a durable marine-grade canvas with a variety of color options
  • Sits on (2) 8” wide skids for stability and strength with a footprint of 4’ x 7’ on the sand
  • 40” wide seat
  • Flag holder

Options List:

  • Cushions for seat and backrest
  • Drink holders
  • Door windows with security panels
  • Breakaways in tower for easier storage and portability
  • Custom sizes are available; just ask and we will quote


Note: Some products may require custom fitting

Zero Tower with 8’ Platform Package

LR Series Tower

Stuart Stand One Person Tower

Tower Ladders, Stairs, Ramps, Platforms, and Skids

Tower Railings, Shutters, and Storage Enclosures

Watch Tower Accessories

  • Board Boxes

  • Secure storage enclosures under the platform

  • Solar packages with low voltage lighting, USB outlet, and fans

  • Lightning protection

  • Shelving

  • Cabinets

  • Platform gates

  • Signage

  • Footrests

  • Umbrella holders

  • Flag storage

  • Storage hooks

  • ATV board racks with medical box storage

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